About me

My name is Benjamin Hartz and I am educated by hard work and passion for the field. Every time I step out to take a photo it is not to make a living, it is to do what I love and that is what I want my pictures to reflect.


In the daily life, I work as a civil engineer and love innovation. Technology is the driving force for most parts of life and I am being a part of it. Working with technology and innovation sees in how I work. I thrive in working with lighting, knowing my camera and never settling for average results. I rather re-take a couple of times than go with sometime that is just fine.


However, no one want to see a photo filled with only technical perfection.

A photo is history, a feeling, a moment in time. This is my main purpose to capture.

When you see a photo, you see memories, feelings or stories that you have been a part of. By looking at something simple as a portrait it is not just a person you should see, it is a personality.

Benjamin Hartz

“Getting the perfect photo is not possible, but I strive for every one to reach for it”